Governor – 2018

The following are Democratic candidates running for Governor in 2018. The primary election will decide the Democratic candidate – the election date has not been announced as yet. The general election is November 6, 2018. (Note: This information is accurate to the best of our information, but the field of candidates is changing quickly.) 

Nate Boulton (D)
State Senator, Attorney

Cathy Glasson (D)
SEIU Labor Union Local President, Nurse

Fred Hubbell (D)
Businessman, Attorney, Ex-Insurance Corporation CEO

Mike Matson
Retired Army Ranger

Andy McGuire (D)
Physician, Health Care Executive, Ex-State Democratic Chair

Jon Neiderbach (D)
Attorney, Ex-Des Moines School Board President

John Norris (D)
Ex-State Democratic Chair, Ex-State Utilities Board Chair, Ex-USDA Official

Todd Prichard (D)
State Representative, Army Reserve Officer, Iraq War Veteran