Iowa Starting Line

Plymouth County Democrats,

Iowa Starting Line recently started up a regular subscription-based email newsletter that is a roundup of all the Iowa Caucus/Iowa politics happenings – we list new endorsements, where candidates are traveling in the state, news scoops and photos from the trail. You can see an example of our latest one here.

Our subscribers have really enjoyed it so far. It’s a simple, quick read every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to keep you informed of what’s happening in the Iowa caucuses.

This has been subscription based, but we received an unexpected large donation recently and thought we would let some local county Democratic members sign up for free if they so choose. If you’ve been following Iowa Starting Line over the years, you know we are a left-leaning local news outlet that’s covers interesting and unique Iowa politics stories. 

Thank you for your consideration, 
Paige Godden
Iowa Starting Line