Dianne “Kay” Luckett

Plymouth County Democrats, 1/9/2017 Edition 1, Volume 1

Tell me about your pets:

I have a six-year-old Bichson named Molly Bear.

Tell me about your hobbies or interests, past or present:

Kay Luckett
Kay Luckett

My interests are water color art, community service, and traveling. I’ve been doing water colors for six years and do three classes at the Sioux City Art Center every year. I am President of the Arts Center, The Friday Club, and Secretary of several other clubs and organizations. I take care of St. George’s Episcopal Church as the Senior Warden now for the 15th year. I work at Hands Around the World in Orange City from April to December and take the winter off because of the weather in Sioux County, which is actually worse than Plymouth County. I have traveled all over the world, including many of the lower 48 states, Alaska, Europe, and the Caribbean.

Tell me about your educational and occupational history:

I have an MA in history (I am an Egyptian freak) as well as a major in English and taught high school for 35 years. I have been retired from teaching for 16 years.

Tell me about your involvement with the Democratic Party:

I am the Secretary of the Plymouth County Democrats and have been active in the Democratic Party since 2008 but a Democrat since before Reagan was President. I am a big Obama supporter. I believe politics is the business of every citizen.

Tell me something not many people know about you:

I’ve been very lucky most of my life, so I’m well named.

Tell me what you’re most proud of:

I recently found out that I am related to Henry the VIII (not directly, but through one of his sisters, which one I don’t know, and that’s a long story. That part of the family left the U.S. when the Constitution was signed after fighting in the Revolutionary War (apparently on the wrong side). They left for Canada, going so far as to change their name, but eventually came back years later. The Lucketts have been here since 1650, arriving in Maryland and living there until the Revolutionary War was over (THEY fought on the right side). They received land certificates to go to Kentucky, so every summer eight or ten allied families would take their worldly goods and head west, eventually settling in western Kentucky, where my grandfather was born in the late 1700’s.

Tell me your favorite saying:

My favorite saying is “Keep putting one foot in front of the other!” Moving on…

To meet Kay and many other interesting Plymouth County Democrats, come to our monthly meetings, held the 3rd Monday of the month (locations announced via email, on KLEM 1410 AM, and in the Le Mars Daily Sentinel)

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