Pat Ritz

Plymouth County Democrats, 5/17/2017 Edition 1, Volume 6

 Tell me about your family:

I have five kids and eight grandkids.

Tell me about your hobbies or interests, past or present:

I enjoy fishing, and when I find time to get away Victoria Nicolls and I like to travel. We go down to Texas in the winter to see my daughter and one of Victoria’s friends in Corpus Christi, TX.

Tell me about your educational and occupational history:

I was born in Sioux City, IA, and raised on a farm outside of Merrill. I attended school in Akron and graduated from Akron High School in 1977. I started a trucking business in the summer of 1977 and ran it until the spring of 1979, at which time I went to work for John Deere for the next 25 years, doing everything from shop work to parts, sales, and then service manager. I left John Deere in 2004 to start my own business and built a shop/home outside of Akron by C38. I have also farmed for many years. I did it on the side while working with John Deere and still farm today. I have three full-time employees and three part-time employees. We work on equipment/tractors, farm, and have a trucking line hauling grain.

Tell me about your involvement with the Democratic Party:

Victoria and I both got involved in the Plymouth County Democratic Party last year when we could see people were very confused about the Democratic party. I was privileged to be a delegate at the State Convention in Des Moines last year and I attended the National Convention last summer in Philadelphia, PA, as an alternate delegate. I ran for Iowa’s 5th District House of Representatives in 2016. I lost that election, but I plan on running again. I consider the first run a practice run. I was nominated at a nominating convention and really got a late start in the race. I participated in many parades and other public events and knocked on a large number of doors during the run-up to the election. I was recently elected Vice Chair of the Plymouth County Democrats.

Tell me something not many people know about you:

Ninety-nine percent of my family is Republican; they were registered Democrats and switched when the churches began to enforce it. I used to race cars and did tractor pulling. I won a lot of trophies at tractor pulls.

Tell me what you’re most proud of:

I am really proud of how my kids turned out, and I have a bunch of very special grandkids. They’re all good workers and very respectful.

Who is your biggest hero, past or present?

I am very amazed with Warren Buffet, how he is so original, normal, and just a down-to-earth, simple guy. You’d never ever know he’s worth billions of dollars.

Tell me about your activities in your favorite causes and/or community in Iowa:

I enjoy assisting people and their needs. I have recently become very educated in the political system. This winter Victoria and I took several trips out of state to show our support and help fellow party members at marches across America and plan to do more.

Tell me your favorite quote:

A couple that I personally use a lot are “Move it or lose it” and, when telling someone to finish their food, “ There are starving families in Ethiopia.”

To meet Pat and many other interesting Plymouth County Democrats, come to our monthly meetings, held the 3rd Monday of the month (locations announced via email, on KLEM 1410 AM, and in the Le Mars Daily Sentinel)

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