Victoria Nicolls

Plymouth County Democrats, 5/17/2017 Edition 1, Volume 5

 Tell me about your family:

After meeting Pat Ritz I moved to his house in Merrill, IA, for one year. After Pat built a house and shop on his land in Akron we moved to the farm and remain there today.

Tell me about your hobbies or interests, past or present:

I enjoy my four horses, two donkeys, four pups, and my kitties. I also enjoy roller skating and taking Pat’s grandchildren to the skating rink.

Tell me about your educational and occupational history:

I was born in Sioux City, IA. I attended Crescent Park Grade School then went to Hoover Junior High and then on to West High School. After graduating from West I left at 18 years of age and moved to Texas for 20 years before moving back to Sioux City in 2003. I worked for the Argosy Casino for two years. Now I help Pat Ritz on the farm and sell flowers as a small business.

Tell me about your involvement with the Democratic Party:

I have been a lifelong Democrat. I have gone to many marches and protests, including the inauguration protest in Kansas City on January 20 and the women’s march the next day; a march coinciding with the electoral college in Austin, Texas; at Steve King’s Sioux City office; and at Governor Branstad’s farewell dinner in Sioux City. I have also helped out in parades, at the booth during the Plymouth County Fair, decorated election headquarters, and knocked doors to get out the vote prior to the election. I attend most meetings of the County Central Committee.

Tell me about any groups you belong to:

On Facebook I belong to Donald Trump Is Not My President, Dump Trump, People vs. Donald Trump, Hillary Wins Popular Vote, and Hillary Clinton for America

Tell me something not many people know about you:

I’m a pretty good roller skater. I used to do it when I was a kid and it was like a second home for me.

Tell me what you’re most proud of:

I’m proud of my evergreen trees I’ve planted on the property for windbreak. It looks really nice, and I’m proud of how it turned out.

Who is your biggest hero, past or present?

George Washington. He helped us win the revolutionary war and became the father of our country. He stood for what America was all about.

How long have you been active in your favorite causes and/or community in Iowa?

I’ve always been a strong-headed person for women’s rights but never really spoke up and said much. I just didn’t feel like I needed to. But after what happened this past election and the time since then, I felt like I should have done more and am becoming more active.

Were there any significant hurdles or fears you had to face over the years?

I’ve had issues with learning disabilities that have held me back.

Tell me your favorite quote:

It’s my own quote, “You know.” I use that a lot. I use it because sometimes I feel like people aren’t paying attention or listening to me. You know…

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